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6 benefits of building with a custom home builder in Oregon
February 22, 2022 at 7:00 AM
6 benefits of building with a custom home builder in Oregon

It can be hard finding a new house. The market rarely has a home with everything you want already in it, and developers with housing tracts typically build houses from a handful of floor plans. Rather than settling, you can get your dream house by working with a custom home builder in Oregon. With help from Christensen Contracting, you can build a custom home that has everything you want in a home. We can help you get started by outlining some of the benefits you’ll enjoy from your custom build for those who haven’t considered building a custom home.

Stick to your budget

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re building a new house. You might be working with a floorplan your builder has offered with specific features that come standard with the home, then they offer upgrades for more functional features or luxury amenities. As these features are offered, there’s often a significant markup on the price. With your custom home, you can pick and choose your upgrades as you please without making the cost of your home jump large amounts, which makes it easier to stick to your budget.

Full customization

You can buy a home in a developing housing tract and make several of the customization decisions. However, there are still going to be certain aspects of the home that are left up to the builder. You might have to compromise on certain parts of the home rather than have a specific feature that you’ve been wanting. Rather than going without, you can have your custom home builder put in whatever features you want. You have complete control over every part of the home, so it looks exactly how you would like.

Functional floor plan

The functionality of your home depends entirely on how you want it to work. For instance, you might want to have a large walk-in pantry to keep dry ingredients for baking and cooking. In contrast, somebody who doesn’t do much cooking might prefer to use that square footage for another purpose. Designing a custom home gives you the freedom to make your floor plan functional according to your needs.

Quality materials

It’s unusual to walk through new houses in a fresh subdivision and see that there were some areas where the builder cut corners on materials to help with their profit margins. One example is the quality of doors. One example is the quality of the light fixtures that are used. The house might have light fixtures that look nice at first glance, but they might break within a few years as they’re made of plastic rather than aluminum or another metal. Custom home builders will use the exact materials that you choose for your home, which means they’re beholden to using quality materials from start to finish.

Choose your location

It’s said the three most important words in real estate are location, location, location. Finding a home that’s in an area you want to live in because it’s near where you work, puts the kids in schools you want, and is in close proximity to the grocery stores where you shop can be a challenge. If you can find a lot near where you want to live, you can get help from a real estate agent to buy it then have your custom home builder build your house how you want where you want.

Eliminate bidding wars

The housing market is incredibly competitive right now. Sellers are getting multiple offers on their homes within hours of putting their house on the market. Then it’s selling to the highest bidder within a matter of several days. Homebuyers are having trouble keeping up with the hot market and can spend months or years looking for the right house. You can avoid the rat race of the real estate market and build your own home. You never have to worry about putting in another bid on a house again.

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