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Why you should choose a licensed Star steel building provider for your next project
A Star steel building provider making design plans in the Pacific Northwest

A new building project is an exciting endeavor that requires careful planning and research to ensure a high-quality result. Whether you are in the process of designing a commercial, residential, or industrial facility, having the help of a reputable contractor is a great way to get started.

At Christensen Contracting, we’ve combined forces with the best manufacturers and engineers in the business to deliver excellence to our clients. As the top licensed Star building provider in the Pacific Northwest, those planning steel building projects are guaranteed an excellent standard of service and access to a range of useful resources.

A great building project starts by connecting with contractors that you can trust to do a great job. Continue reading to learn the value of choosing a licensed Star steel building contractor for your next project.


Star Building Systems offers some of the most cutting-edge technology which can be used to generate highly detailed design plans. Contracting companies that are licensed by Star have access to all of the tools and equipment necessary to create these intricate designs and adjust them as many times as necessary until the client is satisfied. Furthermore, Star estimating software enables contractors to produce accurate calculations and avoid wasting materials.

High quality materials

Star Building Systems is an industry-leading engineer of high quality steel frames, panel systems, and accessories. When you work with a licensed Star building contractor, rest assured, your project will be completed with the strongest, most durable materials on the market. Star materials are also consistently delivered on time, within the agreed-upon budget. Investing in high quality building materials is the foundation of a long-lasting, weather resistant structure. At Christensen Contracting, we have access to a range of steel products that you will not find anywhere else. This gives our clients the flexibility to design projects that are tailored to their individual needs.

Extensive training

Choosing a licensed Star steel building provider means that you are guaranteed to work with a highly trained team of professionals. To obtain this license, contractors must be trained by Star to operate their highly technical software and machinery. Builders must also display extensive knowledge of how to successfully design and build a structure. In addition to initial training, Star steel builders must complete ongoing training sessions to ensure they continue to meet Star standards. Any contracting company can claim to provide exceptional results, but Star licensed businesses guarantee the quality that clients are looking for.


Star Building Systems is committed to sourcing out the most sustainable building materials on the market. Building projects of all sizes have the potential to seriously damage the environment based on the materials, equipment, and building methods they choose. For environmentally conscious individuals, working with a Star licensed contractor is a great way to ensure a low ecological impact as you bring your project to fruition.


Another advantage of working with a Star steel licensed building provider is that you not only have the support of the contractors themselves, but you can also benefit from the collaborative efforts of other Star licensed builders in the community. The company works together with their builders to ensure high-quality results with every project they are a part of. This level of professional expertise and quality assurance is something that you will not find from unlicensed contractors.

Are you looking for a contractor to partner with for an upcoming building project? As the premier licensed star building provider in the Pacific Northwest, we offer all of the resources you need to make your project a success. Contact us today to learn more about our contracting services.

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