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Tips for Choosing a Contractor for a New Processing Facility
March 4, 2022 at 10:30 PM
Image of a new processing facility built by Christiansen Contracting.

When you grow your industrial or agricultural enterprise, you may need to build a new processing facility to handle the increase in production. One of the benefits of building a ground-up property is customizing it to your needs. Design and build contractors can optimize your new processing facility to increase efficiency and eliminate redundancies, whatever your operation’s workflow may be. However, to maximize the benefits of expansion, you must choose the right contractor.

How early can they join your project?

Instead of getting plans for a new processing facility and then finding a contractor, consider working with a company that has experience working on industrial and agricultural buildings from design through the build.

The earlier in the planning process you bring on a contractor, the better you’re able to eliminate problems and redundancies later during the build. Design and build contractors have experience in every aspect of industrial and agricultural projects.

Heavy industry

Look at their portfolio of past projects.

A contractor with experience in building processing facilities can bring insight and expertise to your building. They’ll contribute the breadth of their knowledge to your design, providing input to optimize the space in the building.

A vast portfolio of similar projects means you can trust their estimate for the cost and timeline to complete your new processing facility. When you work with a company for start-to-finish design and build services, their portfolio will show you how the finished building will look.

Do they use subcontractors?

Some contractors are experts at managing teams of subcontractors to complete various aspects of a building project. However, no matter how good a contractor is at project management, adding subcontractors to a project creates the potential for delays and inefficiencies.

Christiansen’s Contracting comprises several construction companies specializing in commercial, industrial, and agricultural building. We have the staff and equipment to work on buildings from design to build without hiring subcontractors.

Are they local?

National contractors may boast extensive teams and resources, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best suited to work on your processing facility. Rather than choosing a contractor with nationwide experience, consider if they’ve worked extensively within your industry.

If a contractor is locally based, it’s more cost-effective to bring crews and equipment to the job site, creating potential savings for your company throughout the project. Local companies can often operate with more streamlined margins for a lower overall project cost.


How much experience do they have?

Construction experience isn’t universal; residential builders don’t have the same resources for working on large-scale facilities. There’s no substitute for experience as an industrial and agricultural contractor; years working on large-scale jobs enables them to offer expertise from estimating costs to handling material.

Christiansen’s Contracting has years of experience working on industrial, agricultural, and large-scale commercial projects. We’ve consolidated our contracting enterprises across sectors into a single operation. Now, we can provide our clients with industry-leading service in designing and building new processing facilities.

Christiansen’s Contracting works on agricultural, industrial, and commercial projects building new processing facilities in Oregon.

Christiansen’s Contracting is the consolidated construction company of our owner and founder, with expertise and specialized equipment to work on residential, medical, agricultural, and industrial projects. We’re a local, family-owned business with long-standing roots in the Pacific Northwest. Whatever projects our clients bring to us, we’re a dedicated resource from preconstruction planning through completion. We have the resources to work on every aspect of your build, so there’s never the uncertainty or stress of subcontractors.

If your business is expanding in Oregon, contact our team about the design and construction of your new processing facility.

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